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My most sincere thanks for our exceptional house painting.  Greg, you made my home into a place that I couldn’t even imagine.  My wife and I always loved our home, but we wake up to it every day feeling like we are on some 5-Star vacation right out of a magazine – you definitely unlocked our home’s true potential.  We entertain more now too.  I never really thought of using my home as a business asset, but the look of our house from room to room is so impressive, that my colleagues and clients can’t help but simply say “wow, where did you find this place?” 

And honestly, it’s been more fun to tell everyone that we had it hand-crafted with your custom touches.  About that: I was a little nervous about having a job of this magnitude done.

I had friends run into trouble with other house painting contractors and I’ve got to say, you couldn’t have been easier to work with.  From our early design meetings through purchasing and hanging your artwork in our living and dining room, you made this experience fun!  You were there every step of the way and literally broke the mold of any expectation we had.  Your crew was professional, friendly, and respectful.  It never seemed like we were living on a construction site, it always felt like you were guests staying at and improving our home while here.  I can’t say enough about how happy we are and I hope other customers take the time to tell you about their experiences.  You are an artist first, and I believe that makes the difference.  Your craftsmanship is inspired and I couldn’t imagine having gone with anyone else.  Greg, thank you thank you!!!!  

Jim Meyer III, Marlboro NJ

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